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Jun. 16th, 2033

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Jun. 16th, 2013

Every time I write in this journal, I almost start it with "long time, no update"... clearly, I don't update often. I think my last one is from last year or something like that. Oops!

I'm applying for characters at a dozen different games right now (not really, but it feels like it) in hopes of jumping back into the RP world again. I never realize how much I enjoy RPing until I ignore this journal for a few months. :\ I'm also working on starting up a new Marauder game (!!). I haven't seen a MWPP game around that I've wanted to join since RM and DTW, so I grabbed a pretty layout from Jadis' layout journal and started working on the content! Hopefully I'll have it up in a week (or two, let's be real).

Hope you're all doing well! :)

Jan. 27th, 2013

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current & past characters.

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Jul. 28th, 2012

longest update ever. why do i talk so much?

I'm officially back from my unofficial hiatus, so expect replies from me very soon! :D I love traveling, even if it's not too far away. It was so nice to visit my roommate in Southern California and then go camping with her and my family back in Northern California. I took a ton of pictures, but I haven't loaded them onto my laptop yet. I do, however, have some Instagram photos to share with all of you!

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Oh, and I saw The Dark Knight Rises on Friday afternoon with my brother and our parents! I was so content with that being the end of the trilogy. The Christopher Nolan Batman films are some of my favorite in general, so I was really eager to see how he was going to wrap things up. Of course, I will always want more, but I felt really satisfied with how it concluded. Also, I am so sdjgbsdkjgsdg over the Man of Steel trailer. I know, it's so short and it doesn't show much, but Henry Cavill as Superman? Yes, please.

Anyway, so now that I'm settled in at home again for the next few weeks before I move back to college, I'm really looking forward to diving into RP stuff! Actually, it couldn't hurt to make myself a roleplay to-do list for this next week. It could all easily get lost in the shuffle of trying to repack my stuff for school. Honestly, lists are the only thing that help me get anything done... and even then, it's rarely on time. I should really work on that.
• Eloise Weasley/[info]eloiseweasley at [info]dtw_mods
• Romana Dolohov/[info]mediwitched at [info]damods

• Liam Wood (PB: Grey Damon) for [info]ramods
• Andromeda Black (PB: Odette Yustman) for [info]blackcestsmod
• Emily Bones (PB: Shelley Hennig) for [info]dtw_mods
• Cassandra Doge (PB: Marion Cotillard) for [info]dtw_mods
• Posy Gamp (PB: Katie McGrath) for [info]dtw_mods
• John Blake (PB: Joseph Gordon-Levitt) for [info]gotham_mod
• Lois Lane (PB: Amy Adams) for [info]gotham_mod
Daphne Greengrass (PB: Deborah Ann Woll) for [info]fromashes_mod
And to end this unnecessarily long update, I'm stealing this meme from [info]cilantro, because I'm a sucker for genderswap memes.
Give me a character I'm playing and/or played. I will give you the following:
    a) the genderswap PB
    b) the character's name
    c) 3 facts about said character

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